The recovery of joints and pain management

Gel in sachet Hondrogel

Gel in sachet Hondrogel
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Hondrogel - an effective new tool for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the joints. The form of the release - the gel in a sachet.

The recovery of joints and management of pain at an affordable price

The price 39 €. A discount of 50%. Ordering gel original is only available via the official website. If You want to get actions, in the order form, indicate Your name, your phone number. Wait for the call from a consultant and agree on the details for more details. Check for the presence of a 50% discount on the original price of gel 39 €.

The delivery to Portugal is in each city. Is not included in the price of the goods.

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The surgeon and rheumatologist of high category, candidate of medical sciences
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Hondrogel – the gel in a sachet for the fight against the diseases of the joints. The gel of the positive action of arthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatica, synovitis and other joint problems. Management of the pain, relieves swelling and inflammation, regenerates tissues of the joint. When their use contributes to the full reconstruction. Recommends to his patients hondrogel as an essential tool for the prevention or at the first symptoms of the disease, as if the initial diagnosis or in the terminal phase. We have in Portugal order the gel, you can via the official website.

Hondrogel - the recovery of joints and analgesia. The form of the release - the gel in a sachet. The kit includes 10 pieces with a dosage one-time of the application. Comfortable to wear always on your home in the event of a sudden onset of pain in the joints. The gel includes the active components of natural origin. Does not cause side reactions, allergies. Consumer feedback confirms declared by the manufacturer of the properties of the gel.

It is important to know! Buy Hondrogel in Portugal, you can only via the official website. No prepayment required. Beware of imitations and scammers. The price of the original-a gel, without taking account of the delivery 39 € — find out the cost in another country. -Producer country - Latvia.

The gel in a sachet Hondrogel - indications, dosage

Analgesia and the recovery of the joint mobility gel Hondrogel in a bag

In the first place, the gel for the joints Hondrogel designed for outdoor applications, at the time of diagnosis of the disease:

This list also includes other diseases and their variants, will destroy the musculoskeletal system of the body, the joints and limbs of man.

With the aim of the therapy of the disease at a stage of development fairly standard, the rate of use of gel morning and evening, for 5 days continuously. In the treatment of the disease in its advanced form or chronic nature of this rate can increase. Daily use up to 3-4 times, a course of a minimum duration of one month.

All the doctors and researchers in the field of medicine agree that prevention is the best way to treat any disease. Therefore, the gel Hondrogel accept not only during therapy, and as a warning of development above and these diseases. In order to prevent the rate of application is 10 days, once at night. It is possible to increase the preventive maintenance of course, in the absence of a diagnosis, but if symptoms occur.

the gel in a sachet for the recovery of joints and analgesia Hondrogel

The symptoms and the causes of the use of the gel Hondrogel:

In addition, some diseases of the joints (for example osteoporosis) pass completely asymptomatic. The use of this gel Hondrogel recommended that the elderly and the young guys and girls, for the past 25 years. The causes of the disease can be very different. It is a constant sitting at work (office workers), the persistence of physical activity (in an area at risk has led athletes, runners, bodybuilders), chronic predisposition, advanced age.

What is the impact Hondrogel exercises on the body - the action of 7-to-1:

  1. Immediate pain relief
  2. Get rid of edema
  3. The elimination of the inflammatory process
  4. The destruction and prevention of the infection
  5. The regeneration of bone and cartilage tissues
  6. The normalization of the synovial fluid
  7. Suspend the degenerative process.

The composition of the main natural ingredients and extracts

Synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid have the same properties as their analogues natural. Relieve swelling, strengthen, moisturize and give elasticity to the cartilage of the joints, preventing the abrasion, to the pursuit of education is cracking and the pain. The hyaluronic acid improves the quality of synovial fluid and supports the number of level. The collagen strengthens the bone tissue.

Methylsulfonylmethane - compensates for the lack of organic sulfur in the body, which prevents the occurrence of arthritis and its symptoms (pain, muscle cramps, swelling, tissue damage of the joint).

The chondroitin and the glucosamine. The services of these two substances block the destruction of cartilage and regenerates damaged tissue. Eliminates pain, swelling, numbness. Strengthens the structure of tendons, ligaments, cartilage.

an effective tool for the pain and vosstanovlenii of the joints based on natural ingredients Hondrogel

The extract of flowers of Arnica Montana, an effective natural ingredient in the fight against osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Improves blood circulation, returns the mobility of the joints. Relieves muscle tension.

The extract of devil's claw - an essential element in degenerate-degenerative musculo-skeletal diseases. Reduces the swelling, pain and inflammation. Improves mobility.

The extract of resin incense of india - reduces the risk of lesions in the cartilage of the joints and the appearance of a corresponding disease. Slows down the process of the destruction of the cartilage and starts the recovery process. Effectively eliminates the pain and reduces the swelling.

In addition, in the composition of the bag Hondrogel includes a shark fin out of the fat, with a lot of good for the joints of trace elements. Copper, iron and zinc in combination with vitamins A, D, E contribute to the removal of the pain, inflammation and regeneration of joint tissue.

Clinical studies and tests - the results

Gel for joints Hondrogel passed necessary clinical research and trials, which the participants were divided into groups according to their age and stage of development of the disease. After two weeks of training and during daily use in the morning and in the evening, scientists have identified approximately the same results for all groups. The results have shown that:


Immediate pain relief in the joints and muscles, decrease edema


The elimination of the inflammatory process and has an infection


Starts the recovery process of cartilage and bone


Slows degenerated degenerative joint destruction

how to relieve the pain and return the joint former mobility - gel Hondrogel in a bag

How to order a low price with delivery to the city

To order a bag of original Hondrogel, place an order on the official website. Fill in the blanks of special form, specifying the name with the phone number. Waiting for a call to the store manager for advice. When the confirmation command, You must specify the delivery address of your parcel.

Please note that all information you provide will be completely confidential and cannot be disclosed.

Conditions of delivery - additional information:

  1. Delivery is not included in the price of the gel, depending on the receiving address. Contact us by phone when ordering
  2. The delivery time of two to seven days, the region of Portugal, all cities
  3. The payment Hondrogel upon receipt of the parcel at the post office.

Order a bag Hondrogel - obtain the unique tool of innovation to the formula of latvia to the pharmaceutical company. Gel helps you to make the first step to the oldest part of the active life and lay a solid foundation for a freedom of movement for the years to come!

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